Obese Three Year Old

     This three year old boy from China is said to weight over 130 pounds. Doctors think he has some kind of hormonal imbalance because he is also tall for his age.

      His mother says that if she doesn't give him several servings of food at one meal he will cry until he gets the food nonstop.

     I'm sure he will cry for a long time and I'm willing to bet there is something physically wrong with him. It could very well be that the child is really hungry all the time. On the other hand most of us will look at him and think let him cry he will eventually stop and mom should feed him less. I would certainly try that and maybe more veggies to fill him up. Mom, no one can cry non stop. Eventually he would exhaust himself and stop. However who knows? Since this weight is putting such a strain on his little heart, maybe the strain of screaming and crying would do more physical damage. I don't have the answer but I wish this family luck and the child, better health.


Jeul said...

I would agree that there must be some sort of medical problem. On the other hand I'd want to know what it is she is feeding him and what sort of active things they do. There is no way they exercise in proportion to his eating habits.


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