600 Pound Mom

     I was watching this TV show about this woman with 6 daughters who weights 606 pounds. She is so fat she cannot move or walk. She is stuck in her bed. What shocked me is what also shocked her new diet doctor. Unless she is lying, according to her food journal she eats only one meal a day and it's not even near a thousand calories. With a diet like that she should be skinny, even skeletal.

     The doctor said what he thinks happened is that by eating only once per day, her metabolism has shut down. He started her on a diet of 700 calories per day and has broken that up into three meals a day. Interesting. I do agree that three to six small meals per day would be good and healthy for everyone's daily diet. Do you think she's telling the truth or not?


Jeul said...

Her body has to be getting fuel somewhere. Maybe she is stopped up? IF she can't move around or walk how is she going about her "business"? I personally think it's child abuse to allow yourself to get this way. Who is taking care of her daughters. Sounds like they are taking care of mom instead.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with the doctor, Being morbidly obese myself I have been to many doctors and what the doc is saying is the case. Eating three meals a day is a very important part of loosing weight. Its not just about what you eat its how much and when.


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