Diet Skit on Mad TV

     I was watching Mad TV and there was a funny skit about dieting. Now I don't remember word for word but the gist of the dialogue is this, A fat woman stood in her kitchen and complained that she had to lose weight. An announcer's voice said                                                                                                                                                          "I've got a great diet for you"
"What is it?" she asks.
"Eat less, move more", he answers.
"How exactly does that work?" she asks,
"You eat less food and you move more than you do now", he says.
" Isn't there a pill I can take, that sounds more complicated the more you explain it", she replies."Is it expensive?"
"No", he says, "In fact it will probably save you money".
"OK, now that just sounds like a scam on older people to me", she snaps.
etc, etc, etc...
        You get the idea. The skit was very funny yet very true. For 99% of us it is just that simple, EAT LESS, MOVE MORE!!!
     The next question is why is something so simple, also so difficult to do?



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