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     HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is a natural hormone and is better known as the pregnancy hormone. This hormone helps our bodies to use stored fat as energy. Although it's sometimes called the pregnancy hormone it works well in small amounts in non-pregnant women and even men.

    When you are overweight you carry too much stored fat and the more you overeat the more fat will be stored. HCG will help to burn off that fat better and faster than going on a starvation diet. If you deny yourself food your body can burn off more muscle than actual fat

     You do need to cut your calorie intake while taking this hormone so that you can attack the fat in two ways. The first being the hormone that brings into use the stored and unused fat so that your body can burn it, and the second being that by cutting your caloric intake you are not redepositing more fat.

     By combining this type of weight loss diet with some form of exercise you should be on your way to a new slim, healthier you.

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